The MWP Oil Indicator is designed for showing oil level in transformer conservators, locally and remotely. The indicator is mounted vertically on the conservator side wall.





Operating temperature from: 30°C to +100°C
Permissible pressure in conservator: 1000 hPa
Dimensions see drowing
Switch current of reed switch 0.8A, 220V
Climate no limitation
Maintenance no required



MWP 220k & 345K_eng-2


On the outer side of casing 1 made of aluminium alloy, indicating dial 2 with a pointer is placed and covered with a glass screen. The pointer is xed to a magnet. On the inner side of the casing there is the second magnet pivotally supported and connected with arm 3 and oat 4 . Float remains at the oil level. The uctuations of oil level result in the movement of the oat and synchronous rotation of both magnets and pointer. A reed switch is situated in the lowest part of casing. Its contacts close when the pointer indicates the marking MIN, which corresponds to minimum oil level. The contacts of reed switch are activated by an additional magnet placed on the pointer. Control wires are to be led to a connecting box 5 having a sealing gland P13.5. The construction eliminates the possibility of oil leakage from container through the indicator. Indicator MWP is oered in two versions, having outer diameter 220 and 345 mm.

Note: Special versions are possible on request.


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