The WPC Indicator is designed for monitoring liquid ow in pipelines of 80 to 125 mm bore. It is provided with an optical indicator and electric contacts for remote ow control. The indicator is suitable for synthetic and mineral oils, water.




Case 1 of the WPC indicator made of aluminium alloy, is provided with two separate chambers. One chamber houses a pivoted rod 2 with a magnet and ap 3 , actuated by liquid ow in a pipeline. The other chamber houses a pivoted second magnet with an optical indicator 4. The magnets move in synchronism which allows to observe the liquid ow optical indicator through a suitable sight – glass. The second magnet actuates contacts of two reed switches to enable remote observation of the ow or no – ow conditions. The WPCindicator construction precludes the owing liquid from crossing the case partition three sizes to suit various pipe line diameters. The indicator is tted to a anged stub pipe , welded to the pipeline. Electric cable enters the indicator case through a P 13.5 gland on the case back and is connected to suitable terminal blocs, accessible after removing cover 5.

Note: Orders must include your pipeline diameter DN and ow direction (right or left, right shown above on the drawing).


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